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Anmelden / Mitglied werden: Get Involved


SERVAS hosts usually grant travellers accommodation for 2-3 days, but feel free to let your guest stay longer if you wish. There is no obligation to do so on your part and the guests know that they shouldn’t ask for a prolongation of their stay themselves. However, there might be the usual "emergency"... in that case, the choice is up to you!
In general, as soon as they apply, SERVAS travellers are made familiar with the SERVAS concept. Do one more thing and your guest will notice that there’s more to SERVAS than simple accommodation!
There is no obligation on your part to provide your guests with full board. However, shared meals are a good opportunity to get to know one another and to exchange opinions. You might also let your guest cook once!
No worries – an air bed will be appreciated as much as a standard bed.


Sign up using the Servas International online form. Our Servas Secretary of Switzerland will check your details, contact you by email and send you a list of interviewers and an info sheet. 


Contact someone on the interviewer list and make an appointment.


Register with the secretary as a host or as a host & traveller and pay the membership fee (30.- person/year, further members per household each +10.-, children under 18 years old are free).


Fill in your activated Servas profile at and look forward to welcoming your first guest soon. 

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